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Across the Borderline

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An exercise in universal themes. Names and pronouns have been blurred to protect anyone you THINK this song describes ;P
A rootsy little rocker that pays homage to my writer friend Ralph T, a witty observer of the borderline...


Avery found the guts to leave
their hometown scene behind
Hacked away the roots that cleave
the past to present mind
It might fail, it might succeed
that question's ill-defined
The urge to flee will push you free
across the borderline

Oh, oh can't go back in time
No return to innocence
Across the borderline
Hey, hey reasons have no rhyme
Plans become coincidence
Across the borderline

Jordan stares down at the beach
how could they be so blind
Hurls the phone into the breach
where waves will crash and grind
There's a lonesome words can't reach
when memory's unkind
Lessons mystery may teach
across the borderline

Hiker at the trailhead holding up a sign
"I never saw the Grateful Dead
that was before my time"
Jordan stopped the car and said:
"You look ready for a ride"
Avery laughs: "full speed ahead
across the borderline"
Oh, Oh, across the borderline
Hey hey across the borderline
Across the borderline, across the borderline...