1. Dreaming Lopez

From the recording Running on Smoke

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Dreaming Lopez

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Happiness may be a state of mind, a sense of being, sometimes even a place. For Matt, it's a three-in-one called Lopez.
Thanks to Shay for the inspiration.


Cut me loose from the cares of the world
Freshening wind, sails unfurled
I’m going home…dreamin’ Lopez
My mind’s wanderin’ but I know the route
Destination set, there’s no doubt
I’m going home…dreamin’ Lopez

Sun sets low, it's easy on the eyes
Clouds catch fire, no surprise
I'm coming home...dreamin' Lopez
Moon on the water casts a shimmering light
Gold dubloon, pirate sky
I'm coming home ...dreamin' Lopez

Tide moves out, it's drifitng in again
Milky Way's a blanket
Tucks you in like coming home...
Dreamin' Lopez
Fog settles in, salty morning breeze
Stay yourself awhile find your ease
Going home... dreamin' Lopez

Sun sets low easy on the eyes
Clouds catch fire, no surprise
I’m coming home…dreamin’ Lopez
There’s no time like island time
When you know…time…will pass you by
You’re dreamin’ Lopez

Tide moves out, then its rolling in again
Milky Way a blanket, tucks you in
Like coming home…dreamin’ Lopez
Stay yourself awhile, find your ease
Going home….dreamin’ Lopez