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Pale Moon Shadows

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I was in Salt Lake City visiting my then woman friend. She was working a closing shift at a local bar/restaurant and I took her German Sheppard out for a walk. It was a quiet summer eve, and a sliver of a new moon hung in the sky. The moon wasn't yet bright enough to dim out the stars, and the stars were spectacular as well. I went back to the apartment and wrote the song.


Sliver of a moon
Shining stars
Makes no difference
Where you are
All that matters is
You’ll be coming home to me

Peaceful sunrise
Pink sunset
The words you whispered
I won’t forget
The night you promised
You’d be coming home to me

Night skies, I know, can’t hold a promise
Make good my wishes on a hundred million stars
I only hope these things remembered
Bring you some happiness
And warm your weary heart

Pale moon shadows
Northern lights
The love we shared is in
My dreams tonight
I dream that one day you’ll be
Coming home to me

Golden meadows, silver trees
All I have are my memories
And dreams that one day you’ll be
Coming home to me

We’ll share a sliver of the moon
Shining stars
Pale moon shadows
A love that’s ours
I dream that one day you’ll be
Coming home to me