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My Heart Runs Free

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My (Bob) dear friend Reuben Snyder (Steelhead Redd co-founder along with Steve and me) wrote My Heart Runs Free. I first heard Rueben sing the song at the Back Stage Bar (see Running on Smoke). I thought it was a great song then, and I've never been able to leave it alone. Steelhead Redd has closed shows with the song for years, and we still do. I hope Reuben finds this arrangement acceptable.


I’ve been travellin’
Oh, about twenty-seven years now
On my own, for about ten of those
And now here I stand
At my crossroads
Tell me which path shall I take
Which way shall I go

And when life seems so very trivial
And when life gets you down
Then it’s time
To get back on your feet
Time to face the wind
Face the wind

Raven fly away, show me which way to go
Down which river does my heart flow
East comes the sun, north is the cold
South light sets to west, and
Which way shall I go

Salmon strong and lean, knows which way to go
River current knows which path to follow
Like a salmon I will be
1500 miles until
My heart runs free